Romantic suspense novels that end in happily ever after

The Vault - Parole

Parole - The Vault Volume One

Part of The Vault multi-author collaboration project, releasing on October 17!

The full novel will be released on March 8th, of 2018.

You know him as the evil twin, Trent Calloway from The Contrite Duet. The man who stole his brother’s life.

Pretended to be someone he was not.

Recently released on parole, he put a plan together.

His street-smart ways told him it was all going to work out fine. 

The woman, the house, the life. Everything he always wanted.

Until the day the unforgivable things he’d done caught up with him.

A beaten down woman.



Trent Calloway, the man you all loved to hate, is here with his own twisted love story.

It’s not a pretty one to tell.

He’s going to tumble slowly to hell over the things he has done.

Be prepared.